JLD has established an all India sales and service network comprising a team of people with significant technical expertise and wide experience. JLD believes in the importance and value of great customer care and service from the initial inquiry to the final order including training and after sales care. Sales and service centers are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Baroda and Chandigarh.

Solutions Provider

Over the past five decades, JLD has established itself as a solutions provider in Gas Detection and Respiratory Protection to the Indian industry and Government, consulting and advising on the right equipment and systems requirements that are the best fit for the customer.

Installation & Commissioning

JLD works with the customerís engineers to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and in the fastest time possible.

System Integration

JLD can advise customers on how best to integrate its equipment into the existing safety system at the customerís site.

Annual Maintenance

JLD helps customers ensure that their equipment is running effectively for the maximum time by providing regular on-site maintenance with minimum downtime.

Repairs & Servicing

The Companyís national service network allows it to respond immediately to unforeseen repairs and servicing of equipment thereby minimizing the downtime. The Companyís field experts will visit the customer's site to determine if repairs can be undertaken at location ensuring a quick turnaround.

Calibration Services

The Company has a full-fledged calibration facility for Gas Detection equipment at its plant and can provide its calibration services for its products and third-party products at the customer's site as well as at its plant.


JLD technical experts offer the necessary training to customers to improve their knowledge and competence to correctly use the various equipments. Training is also provided on site to allow the users of the various equipments to better understand the integration of the equipment in their work environment.

Training & Instruction Manuals

The Company has a catalogue of Training & Instruction Manuals for the various equipments it sells, containing all the necessary datasheets, supporting information and engineering drawings that may be required by a customer to effortlessly use the products.

Testing facilities

The Company has a very comprehensive in-house Testing Facility with accurate and foolproof testing protocols.

Testing Facilities for Respiratory Protection

Testing Facilities for Gas Detection

JLD has a comprehensive calibration facility at its plant and can calibrate its own products as well as third party gas detectors.

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