Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Some of the common hazards in the work place are dust, gases, fumes, mists and vapours. Inhalation of these harmful contaminants can seriously affect the health of workers.

The most important defense against respiratory hazards is to control the contamination at its source and prevent it from entering the air. However, this may not always be practically possible and it may become necessary to wear respiratory protective equipment.

Respiratory equipment is also often necessary to access contaminated areas for a short period, maintenance operations that need to be carried out and during emergency situations.

JLD deals in a superior range of Respiratory Protection equipment including Gas Masks, Filters, CBRN mask & filters, Breathing Apparatus, Escape Set and Smoke Masks, Airline systems, Breathing Air compressors, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Resuscitators, Artificial lung machines and provides its customers Fire Training and Fire Simulator programs.

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